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The Benefits of Massage after Exercise

660_FaceMassageThe benefits of massage after exercise

Many of us have experienced the after effects of a good workout, and some of these effects are not so pleasant. These include the aches and pains we can get from pushing ourselves to achieve results, unfortunately the side effects of exercise can last for days!

Vigorous exercise will cause minuscule tears in your muscle fibers, this can lead to an immune reaction and inflammation as the body starts to repair the injured cells.

It can be difficult to carry on with daily tasks the day after exercise due to the aches and pains – it can even be a challenge to walk up the stairs to our office.

According to the Australian Bureau of statistics 1 in three Australians regularly play sport or exercise. Some people may think that the only way to recover from exercise is time – although this isn’t the case.

Having a massage after exercise doesn’t just make you feel good. There are a lot more benefits you may not know about – such as these top 5 benefits:

  1. Pain relief
    You’ll find that after a workout or intense exercise that your muscles become tight- this will lead to pain in different parts of your body. These aches and pain will increase overtime and can even lead to serious injury.A post workout massage will help you prevent post workout pain and injury by decreasing the soreness of your muscles.
  2. Speedy recovery
    Research has proven that having a massage after exercise can speed up recovery time twice as fast as regular rest, this is due to the improved blood flow and nutrients to the body. When your bodily fluids are circulating readily, nutrients and oxygen are able to reach your muscles and other tissues.A post workout massage can unlock your muscles – this means your original range of motion is restored. This is important if you want to perform your exercises more efficiently. For example if running is your exercise of choice, then a greater range of motion in your ankles and legs will increase your speed and agility.
  3. Release tension and improve flexibility
    After an intense workout you’ll find that your muscles can feel tight and constricted, which can muscle tension. By having a post workout massage you’ll help your muscles release this tension and fast track your muscle recovery – as a result of this you’ll have improved flexibility.After a while you’ll find it easier to perform everyday tasks that require extra flexibility.For those of you that run a lot make sure you request a massage that targets your hamstrings. Loosening your hamstring muscles will help you gain more endurance and speed while you run.
  4. Eliminates toxins
    During exercise the body accumulates lactic acid – this is a contributor to muscle soreness and early fatigue during a workout. Getting a massage will help break up the lactic acid in your body and remove it from your muscles.
  5. Relaxation
    You should not only seek a massage for a faster recovery – but you also deserve a reward after a hard and strenuous workout. Having a reward at the end of exercise will keep you motivated to do exercise more regularly.A massage also helps you improve the quality of your sleep. A good night’s sleep prevents fatigue and gives you the extra energy you need for another day of physical activity

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