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8 healthy New Year’s resolutions to add to your list

It’s that time of year again where you tend to make New Year’s resolutions that you just can’t stick to!

The start of a new year is a great time to set yourself new goals, although it’s important to set goals that are achievable.

The best New Year resolutions are the ones that are going to improve your life and better yourself – you can’t be your best self and take care of everyone else unless you’re making yourself number one priority.

Today I’m going to share with you the top 8 healthiest New Year’s resolutions that will bring you one step closer to a better you.

  1. Consume less alcohol
    After weeks of Christmas parties it may be time to give your liver a rest! Now this doesn’t mean quit drinking all together as this might be an unrealistic goal to set for yourself – just make a conscious effort to consume less alcohol. Those few extra beers and wines you had over Christmas and New Years can actually start doing damage to your liver and overall health.
  2. Have a regular massage
    Taking care of yourself is important, if you’re not feeling happy and healthy then how are you supposed to take care of everyone else around you. We recommend treating yourself to a relaxing and rejuvenating massage. Massage doesn’t only relax you it also has many other benefits including reduced muscle tension, improved circulation, stimulation of the lymphatic system, improved skin tone, speedier healing of soft tissue injuries, heightened mental awareness, reduced anxiety and depression – plus much more!
  3. Get more sleep
    It may seem obvious that getting a good night sleep is beneficial although many of you aren’t going to bed at a reasonable hour! Lack of sleep impairs your levels of reasoning, productivity and problem solving skills – so make sure you’re putting down your laptop and setting yourself a time to go to bed each night
  4. Quit smoking
    Everyone already knows that smoking is bad for your health – maybe 2014 is the year for you to quit smoking!
  5. Go on holidays
    A relaxing holiday can help you to reconnect with yourself and your loved ones, often we can get bogged down in work and our daily lives. Taking the time to getaway and relax means you’re less likely to burnout! Even if you can only get away for a few days so you can recharge your batteries.
  6. Drink more water
    If you want glossy hair, healthier skin and a healthy body put down the coffee and soft drink and pick up a glass of water! The benefits of drinking water are endless although here are a few – drinking water helps you lose weight by burning the stored fat in your body, it also keeps your joints strong, healthy and lubricated.
  7. Wear sunscreen
    You don’t just have to be going to the beach to wear sunscreen! You should be putting it on daily even if it’s a moisturiser with added SPF – wearing sunscreen doesn’t just help prevent skin cancer is also prevents brown spots, skin discoloration, reduces the appearance of facial red veins and blotchiness, it also slows down the development of wrinkles and premature aging skin.
  8. Floss your teeth
    If you’ve had a recent trip to the dentist then you’ll have almost certainly heard your dentist ask “have you been flossing regularly?” For a lot of you the answer will be yes, although for the non-flossers here are a few reasons why you should floss – flossing protects your gums, it can also save you money by preventing those expensive dental bills in the future, flossing helps prevents diseases such as tooth and gum disease and also prevents tartar build up.

Brenda Hill
Your Wellness Advocate
0410 353 913