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11 ways to increase employee moral

Have you noticed a lack of morale in your office?

February is the month of love and what better time to start paying special attention to your employees!

It’s important to keep your staff happy and productive in the work place – sometimes it’s the little things that count!

Like an infection poor morale can spread and infect every aspect of your business and can make its way through your office infecting others in its path. It’s proven that poor morale can even lead to reduced productivity, reduced revenue, high staff turnover and more.

Here are the top 11 cost effective way to boost employee morale in your office:-

  1. Set aside time: Organise monthly meetings with your employees and find out how everything is going for them – employees want to know you care.
  2. Create a budget for quarterly entertainment: Whether it be drinks at the pub or a morning coffee before work – when you have a small budget in place just to say thanks every now and then it can help make your employees feel valued.
  3. Look after their health: Consider corporate massage – regular massage reduces pain and stiffness, releases endorphins AND improves employee productivity.
  4. Celebrate: Is it someone’s birthday, work anniversary, engagement or even Valentine’s Day? Celebrate where needed – you don’t have to spend a fortune, whether it’s a cake or a little present – a small gesture can go a long way.
  5. A simple goodbye: Don’t forget the simple things such as saying goodbye when you or your employee are finished for the day – tell them to have a great evening, and thank them for all their hard work.
  6.  Provide a comfortable environment: You want to provide and environment where employees can work productively. Your employees will appreciate items such as plants that brighten up the office, ergonomic furniture, correct lighting and good heating and aircon systems.
  7. Give responsibility: Delegate where you can – by giving employees that added responsibility it will help give them a sense of pride and achievement in their job and themselves.
  8. Welcome ideas: Your employee morale will improve when your staff feel that they are valued – why not share and implement their innovations and ideas.
  9. Employee of the month: This may seem petty although it works! This doesn’t have to cost you a fortune either – you can have an employee of the month trophy that circulates through the office each month. This will be something that staff can look forward to each month – and it will help make your employees feel appreciated. If it’s in your budget you can even allow half a day time in lieu for the winner!
  10. The future: Chat to your employees about the future and how they want to grow in your business – maybe there’s something you can do for them or vice versa. It’s easy for employees to become bogged down in daily tasks – by chatting to them about their future you can help them to become proactive and take the correct steps towards their future goals
  11. Reevaluate: Don’t forget to keep on track with the levels of morale in your office by regularly measuring employee satisfaction. All you have to do is ask them – if you’re approachable employees won’t have a problem letting you know how they feel. If employees don’t feel comfortable face to face then perhaps you can organise a quarterly survey.

Spread the love this Valentine’s Day and book in a Fresh Therapy Corporate Massage!

Brenda Hill
Your Workplace Wellbeing Advocate