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“I am pleased to endorse and recommend the Fresh Therapy team who was first introduced to me in early 2011 on her monthly visits to our place of work.
I found all their therapists to be very knowledgeable, warm, conscientious and delightful who showed so much care in each and every visit.
We first met Brenda who is very humble person that gets along with everyone, I only hear people sing her praise. I heartily recommend Fresh Therapy”

— Daniel Anastasio, Solutions Architect at Samsung Electronics

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Corporate Massage – it’s in our hands

Welcome to Fresh Therapy Corporate Massage, the workplace wellness specialists trained and insured in delivering remedial treatment plans.
We provide an in-house 20 minute neck, shoulder and back remedial massage delivered specifically to suit the individual’s needs. We’re also about education designed to help office workers learn how to improve their posture and keep them moving so that productivity and performance is enhanced.
Do you sit too long at your desk? Are you in pain? How are you sitting right now?
Let the team at Fresh Therapy Corporate Massage really get your business moving!

Health rebates apply for corporate massage, so contact us today for happier, healthier and more productive workers!